With the increasing flexibility of our smart device behavior, we spend significantly more time in front of our screens outdoors and on the go. We wear sunscreen on our skin, but we tend to forget to protect our eyes appropriately. With Sun-Eyes we improve the vision on our screens and the glasses help us protecting our eyes from UV radiation. However, we should keep in mind that generally a high level of sun exposure can be exhausting for our eyes and therefore using the digital communication devices in moderation can be beneficial.


Sun-Eyes lenses are made of CR-39. The fabric is highly transparent to all wavelengths of visible light and virtually impervious to UV radiation. With SunEyes lenses your eyes are 100% protected. Additionally, CR-39 is particularly characterized by its high resistance to breakage and its low weight. Nevertheless, we should keep in mind, that looking directly into the sun or being in extremely bright atmospheres like snow or reflecting water is never great for our eyes. Sun-Eyes increase the view on our screens in daily life and protect them, but are not made for extreme sun conditions.


Sun-Eyes sunglasses are manufactured with acetate frames. Acetate comes from dried cotton or beech wood. Beech wood or cotton are ground into a fine cellulose powder and esterified with acetic acid. Acetate is very light and flexible, which increases the comfort and durability of the sunglasses.